The year of… Yoga

What is Yoga? Yoga is a discipline that has its focus on breath control, meditation, strengthening the body through specific bodily postures. The word ‘Yoga’ is Sanskrit and means ‘to join’. It is not a religion, but a way of…


Winterwonderland in Australia

Top 3 winter breaks in Australia Falls Creek, Victoria This place turns into a winter wonder land! It is located in the Alpine National Park in the Victorian Alps, about 350 kilometers drive from Melbourne. Falls Creek has 80% of…


How to prepare for the most asked questions at job interviews

Prepare yourself with these questions and answers for your next job interview
Question: Why should we hire you?
Answer: Think of ‘why should they not hire me?’ and ‘What do I have to offer this company?’. Your answer should involve your knowledge, skills and personality. Tell them if you have done specialized courses in this field, if you have valuable work experience in this job position, or if you have the right personality for this job.

Question: What do you know about us?
Answer: Know where you are applying for! Read the website, ask others, pay a visit to their store/office, etc. If you can’t answer this question, it shows that you are not really interested in specifically that company.

Question: What is your strength and what is your weakness?
Answer: Base you answer on what the company is looking for. Are they looking for a sales person? Then sales is your strength. Are they looking for a receptionist? Then customers service & communicating with others is your strength. You can overact a little bit if you need to, but make sure you are able to proof yourself. About weaknesses, the most popular answer is ‘I’m a perfectionist’. But if you really want to be honest, name a weakness that is not a big deal for this job position. To get extra credits, let them know that you are willing to work your weaknesses through experience and training.

Question: How do people describe you?
Answer: Also with this question you have to focus on what the company is looking for. Most companies add a ‘what we expect from you’ in their job vacancies. Are they looking for a professional attitude, well dressed, good with computers, advanced social skills? Then have a look at yourself and see which one of these requirements are similar to you as a person. An answer can be, ‘I’ve got a lot of friends and lot to socialize’, ‘People say i am a computer nerd’, ‘I love fashion and always pay attention to the way I present myself’.


Campervan vs. Caravan

You want to go on a holiday break, and hit the road? However, you experience the freedom of staying wherever your want and skip the hotels? Hiring a campervan or caravan is the solution! A campervan or caravan is an…