You want to go on a holiday break, and hit the road?
However, you experience the freedom of staying wherever your want and skip the hotels?
Hiring a campervan or caravan is the solution!

A campervan or caravan is an easy way of reducing the stress of camping. It’s your little, portable home during a trip.
Pack the stuff you want to take with you and you are ready to go.

Why go for a campervan?
The pro’s of taking the campervan on your next holiday:

  • Easy to drive and park
  • Good to use by staying only 1 night per campsite
  • Using your own facilities while your partner is driving
  • Park the campervan at night and jump straight into bed

The less positive sides of using a campervan:

  • Every time you want to go for a drive, you have to put all your stuff in the cabinets (or else it will fall while driving)
  • Not allowed to enter some tourist places
  • Lower speed – takes a bit longer to get to your destination
  • The whole family has to join you when you want to go for a short ride to the supermarket (as you are taking the home with you)

Why go for a caravan?
The pro’s of taking a caravan on your next holiday:

  • Use your own bathroom on stops when on the road
  • Set your portable home on a beautiful spot and take the car to see the tourist highlights
  • For freedom for individual family members to choose if they want to stay on the campsite or take the car to go somewhere
  • Extend your living space by attaching a tent to your caravan

Less positive sides of using a caravan

  • Your car needs to have a towbar
  • The amount of work to set your caravan will make you want to stay a bit longer on one campsite.
  • A caravan is a bit harder to manoeuvre if you don’t have experience