1.Red lips
The new Selena Collection revealed the first product on the 12th on April.
Como La Flor – beautiful red lipstick. Curated by Selena Quintanilla’s sister Suzette, found inspiration by her fans.
The new line will be for sale in the stores per october 2016.

2. Reveal your body!
Spectacular cutaways and peepholes. It’s time to reveal your perfect body! Expose your shoulders, abs and back in a fabulous style.
Buy it in the store or style your own T-shirts, dresses, swimwear or jeans.

3. I see stripes
The new spring/summer fashion trend is… stripes. Keep it simple. Pick a direction or mix them all together: Horizontal, vertical, sideways…
Which way are you going this season?

4. Rough leather-look
Leather is the new trend for tough rock chicks this summer. Pretend to be backstage groupies, hop on the back of your boyfriends Harley.
Let this ‘Don’t mess with me’-look boost your self confidence and increase your sexiness. Time to get rough!

5. Denim Shorts
Taylor Swift, the trendsetter for Denim Shorts, looks fabulous with her denim shorts.
Grap a few of your old denims and set the new trend. It lifts up your booty and emphasize curves, what else do you want more?!