Get that supermodel body

There are three important things to get a healthy, supermodel body… Nutrition, Physical exercise and motivation.
Without motivation you won’t succeed to maintain a healthy lifestyle! So get yourself out there like there is no time to waste. Today is the day to get that body you always wanted!

Tips for Nutrition

  • Be aware of your daily vitamin intake. Do you get enough iron? Vitamin B? Magnesium?
  • Consume less sugar, salt, bread, pasta, flour products and butter. Try to get off sugar completely to get your body back to healthy.
  • Be careful with coffee and tea. It’s better to drink green tea, herbal tea or white tea, as there are no caffeine in these drinks.
  • Drink minimum 2 liters water per day
  • Preferably eat organic or raw food. .
  • Get more knowledge about what is in our foods. Carbohydrates, proteins, fat, sugar. There are many preservatives in our food that are quite unhealthy.
  • Antioxidant are good refreshing our body inside and outside


Tips for physical health

  • Drink enough water during your exercise
  • Eat carbs before workout (for example, oatmeal, banana, yoghurt, smoothies)
  • Eat proteins after workout (for example, chicken , egg, avocado)
  • Stay fit with at least 30 minutes non-stop exercise a day. Go for a walk, take your bike for a ride or do cardio training at the gym. Get your heart rate up!
  • Start doing yoga or pilates
  • Take a membership at the gym and make this a new part of your daily routine. Start with 30 minutes cardio and do some muscle exercises afterwards. Stay motivated, and you will get that supermodel body in no time!



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