15 questions you should know when renting a car

Renting a car can reduce the hassle of lent a car from a friend of the costs of buying a car.
When  you decide to rent a car, make sure you can answer the following 15 questions. This is to avoid you getting into problems, and high costs at the end.

  • Am I allowed to drive this car with my driver license?
  • How much is the bond?
  • When do they use my bond?
  • How much will I get back from my bond?
  • Do I have my own insurance?
  • Is it possible to buy insurance with the rental car?
  • How about road side assistance?
  • What if the car breaks down, who pays the costs?
  • What happens if you have been in an accident with damage to the car?
  • When someone else than me drives the car, are they covered as well?
  • Is someone under 25 years old allowed to drive the rental car?
  • Do I need to bring the car back will full tank or is empty tank allowed?
  • Where do I pick it up and where do I drop it off?
  • What happens if I can’t bring the car back on time?
  • Are there any discounts/promotions to reduce the costs?

Have a look at the rental companies websites or give them a ring.

You got your answers and you are happy with the result? There is nothing more to say than ‘Have a nice, safe trip!’


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